Welcome to your clean kitchen.

  • It's time for a clean backsplash.
  • Grease-free walls and ceilings.
  • And a home that shines.

Welcome to your clean living room.

  • It's time for clean windows.
  • Grease-free walls and ceilings.
  • And a home that shines.

Welcome to your clean bedroom.

  • It's time for clean sheets.
  • Clean feet.
  • And a home that shines.

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A family-owned and -operated business since 1999, My Filter House has established itself as a top-tier resource for high-quality household filters. We owe the success of the business to our ongoing commitment to our mission: to supply families like ours with the means to a cleaner, healthier home through superior products, expertise, and customer service. Our online home filter inventory is expansive, and each model has been quality-tested by us to ensure high-impact performance. The household filter types that we specialize in and supply include kitchen range filters, air purifying filters, and water and air filters for refrigerators.

We make it a point to stock the best aftermarket filters, making it easy to find a filter that is compatible with your name-brand appliance. We are also able to custom-manufacture range filters for your kitchen to your exact specifications. If you have any questions about our home filter products, please contact us at 1-(866)-598-4734.

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Clean Air with HEPA Filters

Due to an increase in pollutants in our air, it is ever more important to protect your home, and public spaces from harmful pathogens that may cause health implications for you, your business, and your family. These pathogens are not just coming from outside of our homes, they are being brought into our homes, already […]

Range Hood Replacement Tips

Range hoods are one of the most important appliances in your house. They clean your kitchen’s air, remove odors and other dangerous gasses, help keep your kitchen cool while you cook, and captures grease that would otherwise fall back on your stove. With your range hood operating on a regular basis performing a necessary, but […]

The Importance of Your Range Hood Filter

Range hood are one of the most important appliances in our kitchens. They are easy to overlook, however, they perform an essential service. They’re designed to rid our kitchens of all the unwanted products of our cooking. While preparing food is a necessity, the byproducts of cooking is dirty and, sometimes, dangerous. Cooking can release […]